The Bid for the Barn auction is OVER!

We have raised $64,669!

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Thank you EVERYONE for sponsoring, donating, spreading the word and bidding.

Pete Shares His Gratitude and

Plans to "Pay it Forward"

"We have heard from so many of you in the past two weeks. Thanks for your supportive words and for letting us know why our work is important. We are going to come out of this fire stronger, a better farm with a clearer sense of purpose.

We have been overwhelmed by the fundraising efforts of the Vermont community towards rebuilding our barn. The level of support is well beyond what I would have predicted. We are accepting this money as we were underinsured and we need it to rebuild. But we have committed to "pay it forward". In 2-3 years time when we are back on stable financial ground we'll pay forward the money that has been donated to a special fund to support Vermont agriculture. We haven't figured out the specifics but the fund might support farm disaster relief, farm to school programs, or a small farm lending program. This money has been donated with such care and thought that we want it to circulate through the Vermont farm community many more times.

We hope that you will consider signing up for our June-October Good Eats Share. We will be put back together by then and expect it to be our best summer share ever.


~ Pete

There are still lots of opportunities to help Pete's Greens rebuild (and other farmers too!).  Click here to learn more.

If you are curious about the "team" behind the auction, we have finally had a chance to put up a little background on who we are.



Hear Pete on WDEV's Mark Johnson Show on January 26th talking about his loss, the fundraising and his plans for rebuilding.
Hear Robin talk with Mitch Wertleib on VPR's Morning Edition about Pete's Greens and Bid for the Barn.


Thank you so much to our sponsors!








Pete said to all of us "Vermont can feed itself!" Today we say to Pete "Vermont will help you rebuild your Barn" and we will.

~Rocio Clark

Applecheek Farm, Hyde Park Vermont











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The on-line auction is now closed.  However, there will be a silent auction a fundraiser contradance at the Vermont College of Fine Arts on Februdary 12th.  If you wish to make a donation to that auction, please complete the donation form.